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thumb|370px|link=This is an article on all the kills by Ghostface in the Scream franchise.


# Name Cause of Death Killer (s)
1. Maureen Prescott According to her body bag shown in Scream 3: stabbed in groin/chest twice/head (Maureen was killed before the start of the movie)

Billy Loomis, Stu Macher 

2. Steven Orth Bound to chair, gagged with tape, gutted with knife Ghostface (Stu Macher)
3. Casey Becker Stabbed in chest/stomach/neck, gutted, hung from tree Ghostface (Stu Macher, Billy Loomis)
4. Principal Arthur Himbry Stabbed 3 times in chest/stomach, gutted, hung from high school football goal post Ghostface (Billy Loomis)
5. Tatum Riley Arm sliced with knife, lifted, head crushed by garage door after being stuck in cat flap Ghostface (Billy Loomis)
6. Kenny Jones Throat slit with knife Ghostface (Stu Macher)
7. Stu Macher Stabbed twice in stomach/arm/back, TV dropped on head/electrocuted Billy Loomis (Unmasked), Sidney Prescott
8. Billy Loomis Stabbed 3 times in chest/stomach, chest impaled twice with umbrella, shot in shoulder/forehead with handgun Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, Stu Macher

Scream 2[]

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. Phil Stevens Stabbed in ear through bathroom stall, hacked up. (Stabbed 3 times in ear in director's cut) Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
2. Maureen Evans Stabbed in stomach/back 3 times/3 more times, hacked up Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
3. Cici Cooper Thrown through glass door, stabbed twice in back, thrown off 2nd balcony Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
4. Randy Meeks Stabbed 4 times in chest, throat slit in news van Ghostface (Mrs. Loomis)
5. Officer Andrews Throat slashed with knife Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
6. Officer Richards Head bashed against car window 3 times, thrown, impaled in back of head through windshield by pipe while on moving car Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
7. Hallie McDaniel Stabbed in chest 4 times Ghostface (Mickey Altieri)
8. Derek Feldman Bound to cross, shot in chest with Glock handgun Mickey Altieri
9. Mickey Altieri Shot in shoulder/16 times in chest with 2 Glock handguns Mrs. Loomis, Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers
10. Debbie Loomis Shot in throat and forehead with Glock handgun Cotton Weary, Sidney Prescott

Scream 3[]

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. Christine Hamilton Stabbed in back Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
2. Cotton Weary Hit in head with golf club, arm slashed, stabbed in chest/head Christine Hamilton, Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
3. Sarah Darling Head punched through glass door, stabbed in back Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
4. Steven Stone Stabbed in back, head bludgeoned 3 times with frying pan (final punch hit the knife in his back hitting major arteries) Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
5. Tom Prinze House filled with gas exploded by lighting lighter Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
6. Angelina Tyler Stabbed in chest Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
7. Tyson Fox Stabbed in stomach, rug pulled underneath, neck broken, slammed against glass case, thrown off second balcony Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
8. Jennifer Jolie Stabbed in bac/stomach behind one-way mirror Ghostface (Roman Bridger)
9. John Milton Throat slit with knife Ghostface Unmasked (Roman Bridger)
10. Roman Bridger Stabbed twice in back/chest with ice pick, shot in forehead with handgun Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley

Scream 4[]

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. Trudie Harrold Stabbed in chest (Stab 6 opening) Ghostface (unknown)
2. Sherrie Marconi Throat slashed with knife (Stab 6 opening) Ghostface (unknown)
3. Rachel Milles Stabbed in stomach twice (Stab 7 opening) Chloe Garrett
4. Marnie Cooper Stabbed in stomach, thrown through glass door, stabbed several times, arm slashed, hung from ceiling fan Ghostface (Charlie Walker, Jill Roberts)
5. Jenny Randall Stabbed in back, back crushed by garage door, stabbed in chest, stabbed several times, bound to chair Ghostface (Jill Roberts, Charlie Walker)
6. Olivia Morris Stabbd in chest/through hand, kicked/thrown, stabbed in back/stomach 6 times, head bashed through window, gutted Ghostface (Charlie Walker)
7. Rebecca Walters Stabbed in stomach, thrown off parking garage roof, lands on news van Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
8. Ross Hoss Stabbed in back, stabbed several times Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
9. Anthony Perkins Stabbed in forehead, stabbed several times Ghostface (Jill Roberts)
10. Kate Roberts Stabbed in back through letterbox Ghostface (Jill Roberts)

Robbie Mercer

Stabbed in chest/back/stomach

Ghostface (Charlie Walker)


Trevor Sheldon

Tied up with tape, shot in groin/forehead with Glock handgun

Jill Roberts

13. Charlie Walker Stabbed in chest/stomach Jill Roberts
14. Jill Roberts Shot in heart with Glock handgun Sidney Prescott

Not Included[]

Although attacked on screen, there is a character who has been confirmed as a possible survivor of the events of Scream 4 by Wes Craven himself. Kirby Reed, who was stabbed twice in the stomach by Charlie Walker and is last seen alive on the ground holding her wound.