Killcounts Wiki
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 The House Itself Imploded
2 Marge Simpson Unknown Unknown
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Simpson Waylon Smithers Jr., Charles Montgomery Burns Head cut open with saw, brain removed
2 Charles Montgomery Burns Robot Crushed
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Lenny Leonard King Homer Eaten
2 Waylon Smithers Jr. King Homer Eaten
3 Shirley Temple King Homer Eaten
4 Photographer King Homer Crushed
5 Clancy Bouvier King Homer Eaten
6 Ned Flanders Zombies Turned into zombie
7 Zombie Flanders Homer Simpson Shot with shotgun
8 Principal Seymour Skinner Zombies Turned into zombie, lost power
9 Martin Prince Zombie Skinner Brains eaten
10 Sideshow Mel Zombies Turned into zombie, lost power
11 Krusty the Clown Zombie Sideshow Mel Pulled into present box, turned into zombie, lost power
12-14 Jimbo Jones, Dolph Starbeam, Kearny Zzyzwicz Zombies Turned into zombies, lost power
15 Edna Krabappel Zombies Turned into zombie
16-17 Zombie Edna Krabappel, Zombie Thomas Pynchon Homer Simpson Shot with shotgun
18 Zombie Barney Gumble Eaten
19 Zombie George Washington Homer Simpson Shot with shotgun
20 Zombie Albert Einstein Homer Simpson Shot with shotgun
21 Zombie William Shakesphere Homer Simpson Beaten with shotgun, blood loss
22-26 5 Zombies Lost power
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-20 Otto Mann, Bart Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten, Ralph Wiggum, Martin Prince, Janey Powell, Sherri and Terri, 11 Unnamed Children, Truck Driver Truck Driver Crashed
21 Hans Moleman Car crash, explosion
22 Ned Flanders Gremlin Decapitated
23 Bart Simpson Count Burns Turned into vampire
24-27 Milhouse Van Houten, Janey Powell, Ralph Wiggum, Martin Prince Bart Simpson Turned into vampires
28 Count Burns Homer Simpson Staked in heart, disintegrated
29-32 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Abraham Simpson Bart Simpson Turned into vampires
33 Lisa Simpson Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Abraham Simpson Turned into vampire
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Moe Szyslak Himself Hung
2-3 Patty and Selma Bouvier Reverend Lovejoy Burned
4-6 Edna Krabappel, Groundskeeper Willie, Chief Clancy Wiggum Bart Simpson Decapitated with guillotine
7 Principal Seymour Skinner Bart Simpson Decapitated with guillotine
8 Groundskeeper Willie Homer Simpson Back impaled with axe
9 Mosquito Homer Simpson Crushed
10 Walking Fish Homer Simpson Crushed
11 T-Rex Homer Simpson Illness
12-22 Dinosaurs Homer Simpson Illness
23 Groundskeeper Willie Maggie Simpson Back impaled with axe
24 Lizard Homer Simpson Crushed
25 Giant Dragonfly Homer Simpson Beaten with bat
26 Jimbo Jones Principal Seymour Skinner Beaten with meat tenderizer, turned into burgers
27 Uter Zorker Principal Seymour Skinner Turned into bratwurst
28 Groundskeeper Willie Principal Seymour Skinner Back impaled with axe
29 Milhouse Van Houten Principal Seymour Skinner Fell into blender, gooified
30-31 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson Principal Seymour Skinner Fell into blender, gooified
32 Bart Simpson Santa's Little Helper Turned inside-out, eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-5 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Unknown Hung
6-12 7 People Duff Cowboy Crushed with bottle
13-14 Car Couple Prof. Peanut Eaten
15 Captain of High School Baseball Team Chief Clancy Wiggum Shot
16 Santa's Little Helper Lard Lad Kicked
17-19 Duff Cowboy, Giant Kent Brockman, Red Devil Soul destroyed
20 Paul Bunyan Disintegrated
21 Babe The Blue Ox Disintegrated
22 Aladdin Crashed, explosion
23 Lard Lad Soul destroyed
24 Groundskeeper Willie Homer Simpson Burned, disintegrated
25 Martin Prince Groundskeeper Willie Strangled with tongue
26 Bagpipe Monster Groundskeeper Willie Maggie Simpson Plugged with pacifier, inflated, exploded
27 Homer Simpson Disintegrated
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-5 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson The Grim Reaper Souls snatched
6-7 Bill Clinton, Bob Doyle Homer Simpson Sucked into space
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Fox Censor TV Parental Guidance Screenbug Stabbed with sword
2-50,721 Springfield Disintegrated by nuclear explosion
50,722-50,723 Johnny and Edgar Winter Homer Simpson Ran over
50,724-50,730 7 Zombies Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson Shot with shotguns
50,724-50,731-50,724-50,733 Luann Van Houten, Agnes Skinner, Elizabeth Hoover Lou, Eddie Burned
50,734 Lisa Simpson Springfieldians Executed
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Bart Simpson Himself Fell to death
2 Lisa Simpson Bart Simpson Crashed into wall
3 Homer Simpson Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson Ran over
4-5 Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson Themselves Car crash
6 Snake Jailbird Springfield Police Electrocuted
7 Homer Simpson Snake's Hair Body taken over
8 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Homer Simpson Drowned in Squishee machine
9 Moe Szyslak Homer Simpson Heart removed with corkscrew
10 Snake's Hair Chief Clancy Wiggum, Lou, Eddie Shot
11 Scratchy Itchy Decapitated, head cut open, brain removed, candle put in skull
12 Poochie Itchy, Scratchy Ran over
13 Woman In Poodle Dress Kang Disintegrated
14-50 The Jerry Springer Show Audience Kang Disintegrated
51 Jerry Springer Maggie Simpson, Kang Bitten, poisoned, strangled
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Disintegrated
2 Ned Flanders Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Ran over
3 Homer Simpson Ned Flanders Mauled
4 Comic Book Guy/The Collector Fell into Lucite, poisoned
5 Dick Clark Disintegrated
6-7 Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson Themselves Heads exploded
8-17 Ross Perot, Dan Quayle, Tonya Harding, Albert Sharpton, Courtney Love, Spike Lee, Tom Arnold, Pauly Shore, Rosie O'Donnell, Dr. Laura Flew into sun, incinerated
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-4 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Abraham Simpson Springfieldians Staked in heart, burned, brain crushed with bear trap
5 Homer Simpson Choked on broccoli
6 Homer Simpson Choked on broccoli
7 Agnes Skinner Homer Simpson Dropped
8-9 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson Unknown Unknown
10 Goldilocks The Three Bears Eaten
11 Rapunzel Homer Simpson Scalp ripped off, blood loss
12 Suzanne the Witch Fish Scarecrow Thrown into oven, burned
13 Lenny Leonard Dolphins Eaten
14 Captain Horatio McCallister Dolphins Ripped in half, eaten
15 Squeaky-Voiced Teen Dolphin Decapitated
16 Kent Brockman Dolphin Beaten with beach ball
17 Cameraman Dolphin Beach ball thrown into face
18 Abraham Simpson Dolphin Eaten
19 Groundskeeper Willie Dolphin Impaled
20 Comic Book Guy Dolphin Neck snapped with car door
21 Dolphin Bart Simpson Blowhole plugged with cork, suffocated
22-31 6 Springfieldians, 4 Dolphins Dolphins, Springfieldians Killed in battle
32 Krusty the Clown Drowned
33-81 49 Springfieldians Drowned
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Waylon Smithers Jr. Electrocuted
2-5 Burns Family Members Unknown Unknown
6-10 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Waylon Smithers Jr. Ran through gate, sliced apart
11 Bart Simpson Gypsy Drowned in cereal
12-15 Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Helicopter Pilot, Helicopter Co-Pilot Gypsy Helicopter crash, crushed, blood loss
16 Moe Szyslak Gypsy Drowned in pickle jar
17 Homer Simpson Decapitated by garbage disposal
18 Ultrahouse 3000 Homer Simpson Turned off
19 Ralph Wiggum Brain sucked out by machine
20 Lord Montymort Bart Simpson, Slithers Stabbed in enchanted shin, eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Clone Electrocuted
2 Ned Flanders Homer Clone Decapitated with chainsaw
3-6 3 Homer Clones Homer Simpson Shot with shotgun
7 Gill Gunderson Homer Clones Eaten, reduced to skeleton
8-108 Homer Clones, Homer Simpson The Military Fell off cliff
109 Goldie Unknown Unknown
110-114 The Zombies Springfieldians Shot
115 Future Homer Simpson Moe Szyslak Shot with shotgun
116 Little Eyes Sinister Eyes Eaten
117 Professor Frink Dr. Julius Hibbert Cooked, carved, eaten
118 Bird Marge Simpson Eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Abraham Simpson Homer Simpson Burned with log
2-3 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson Homer Simpson Beaten with baseball bat
4 Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Shot with shotgun
5 The Grim Reaper Homer Simpson Bludgeoned with bowling ball
6 Jasper T. Jowls Homer Simpson Soul snatched
7 Homeless Man Homer Simpson Soul snatched
8-24 7 Baseball Crowd Members Homer Simpson Souls snatched
25 The Queen Baseball Player Hit with baseball, fell to death
26 Patty Bouvier Homer Simpson Soul snatched
27 Ned Flanders Jonathan Frink Sr. Heart removed
28 Principal Seymour Skinner Jonathan Frink Sr. Spine removed
29-40 Sideshow Mel, Very Tall Man, Bumblebee Man, Superintendant Gary Chalmers, Eddie, Snake Jailbird, Reverend Lovejoy, Otto Mann, Cletus Spuckler, Chief Clancy Wiggum, Charles Montgomery Burns, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Jonathan Frink Sr. Body parts removed
41-45 5 Scientists Jonathan Frink Sr. Heads opened, brains removed
46 Jonathan Frink Sr. Professor Frink Kicked in groin, fell to death
47 Homer Simpson Bart Simpson Decapitated
48 Martin Prince Springfieldians Slaughtered
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Simpson Kang, Kodos, Himself, Alien Investor Cooked, eaten
2 Lisa Simpson Kang, Kodos, Alien Investor Melted into soup, eaten
3-4 Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson Kang, Kodos, Alien Investor Cooked into pies, eaten
5 Dr. Julius Hibbert Ned Flanders Fell to death
6 Hans Moleman Ned Flanders, Crocodiles Eaten
7 Homer Simpson Ned Flanders Shot
8-12 Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson Incinerated in nuclear explosion
13 Prostitute Constable Wiggum Stabbed
14-16 Ned Flanders, Todd Flanders, Rod Flanders Comic Book Guy Decapitated
15 Comic Book Guy Constable Wiggum Stabbed in back
16 Selma Bouvier Constable Wiggum Stabbed in chest
17 Constable Wiggum Balloon crash
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Alien Growth Kodos Eaten
2-7,800,000,002 Everyone In the Universe, God Kang, Kodos Sucked into black hole
7,800,000,003 Bart Simpson Fell to death
7,800,000,004 David Bart Simpson Cut in half with chainsaw
7,800,000,005 Comic Book Guy Charles Montgomery Burns Chest blown open with shotgun
7,800,000,006 Blue-Haired Lawyer Charles Montgomery Burns Shot with shotgun
7,800,000,007 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Charles Montgomery Burns Shot, blood loss, decapitated
7,800,000,008 Rabbit Apu Caught in bear trap
7,800,000,009-7,800,000,014 Bumblebee Man, Reverend Lovejoy, Principal Seymour Skinner, Otto Mann, Jeremy Freedman, Captain Horatio McCallister Charles Montgomery Burns Hunted down, decapitated
7,800,000,015 Krusty the Clown Charles Montgomery Burns Shot
7,800,000,016-7,800,000,020 Dr. Julius Hibbert, Dr. Nick, Lou, Kirk Van Houten, The Yes Guy, Kent Brockman Homer Simpson, Charles Montgomery Burns Flung from tree, shot, decapitated
7,800,000,021 Moe Syzslak Homer Simpson, Chief Clancy Wiggum Impaled on weathervane, crushed
7,800,000,022 Chief Clancy Wiggum Homer Simpson Impaled on weathervane
7,800,000,023 Professor Frink Homer Simpson Eaten
7,800,000,024-7,800,000,028 Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Sideshow Mel, Groundskeeper Willie, Dewey Largo Charles Montgomery Burns Shot by airplane, decapitated
7,800,000,029 Barney Gumble Charles Montgomery Burns Shot
7,800,000,030-7,800,000,031 Charles Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smithers Jr. Marge Simpson Bludgeoned with pans
7,800,000,032 Disco Stu The Witch Arrow fused into skull
7,800,000,033 Burgerhead Mayor Quimby Dogs Eaten
7,800,000,034 Fairy Martin Prince Bugspray Groundskeeper Willie Sprayed, poisoned
7,800,000,035 Mouse Werewolf Bart Simpson Eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Moe Syzslak Zombie Waylon Smithers Jr. Trapped in iron maiden, blood loss
2 Snowball V Homer Simpson Eatem, beaten with pan
3 Squeaky-Voiced Teen Homer Simpson Back bitten off, eaten
4 German Man Homer Simpson Eaten
5 Uter Homer Simpson Eaten
6-7 2 German Men Homer Simpson Eaten, disintegrated
8 Comic Book Guy Homer Simpson Eaten
9 Fat Tony Homer Simpson Eaten
10-13 4 Umpires Homer Simpson Eaten
14-17 4 Women from The Facts of Life Reunion Tour Homer Simpson Eaten
18-20 3 Hawaiian Shirt Men Homer Simpson Eaten
21-23 3 Bus Passengers Homer Simpson Eaten
24 Ned Flanders Homer Simpson Head bitten off
25 Dr. Phil McGraw Homer Simpson Eaten, disintegrated
26-31 6 Homeless People Homer Simpson Eaten
32-39 8 17th Century People Golem Shot with shotgun
40 Bart's Turtle Homer Simpson Murdered
41-43 Jimbo Jones, Dolph Starbeam, Kearny Zzyzwicz Golem Decapitated, heads swapped around
44 Principal Seymour Skinner Golem Tied up with rope, swung around, ripped in half
45 Barney Gumble Moe Syzslak Bludgeoned with bat, blood loss
46 Lenny Leonard Homer Simpson Shot
47 Disco Stu Homer Simpson Shot
48 Captain Horatio McCallister Homer Simpson Decapitated
49 Chief Clancy Wiggum Kang, Kodos Sucked dry
50-50,770 Springfield Kang, Kodos Destroyed
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 American Idol Logo Marge Simpson Sucked into hoover
2-5 4 Football Players Marge Simpson Sprayed, poisoned, cooked into bread
6 Cop Marge Simpson Shredded with coffee stirrer, cooked into bread
7 Gregory House Marge Simpson Trapped in microwave, inflated, exploded, cooked into bread
8-10 24 Guy, Prisoners Marge Simpson Cooked into bread
11-13 3 Soldiers Kang Shot with death ray, heads exploded, melted
14-20 7 Rigellian IV Aliens Soldiers Heads blown off, explosion
21 Kang Homer Simpson Head blown off with minigun
22 Kodos Homer Simpson Smothered with pillow
23 Kent Brockman Marge Simpson Stabbed in chest
24-30 4 Men, Disco Stu, Captain Horatio McCallister, Waiter Homer Simpson Shot
31 Abraham Simpson Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson Shot
32 Chief Clancy Wiggum Marge Simpson Shot with crossbow, blood loss
33 Principal Seymour Skinner Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson Shot
34 Truck Driver Bart Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten, Nelson Muntz Truck crash, explosion
35-38 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten, Nelson Muntz Sucked into Hell
39 Homer Simpson Turned into spaghetti
40 Groundskeeper Willie Possessed Tractor Decapitated
41-42 Van Driver, Dr. Julius Hibbert Van Driver Van crash, crushed, blood loss
43 Homer Simpson Cut into chunks by hammock
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Simpson Mangled by voting booth
2 Abraham Simpson Himself Inhaled too much oxygen, lungs collapsed, cardiac arrest
3 Doll Robot Strangled with pull cord
4 Krusty the Clown Homer Simpson Shredded by woodchipper
5 George Clooney Homer Simpson Sunk into cement quicksand
6 Prince Homer Simpson Strangled, stabbed with guitar
7 Neil Armstrong Homer Simpson Bludgeoned with golf club
8 Kate Winslet Homer Simpson Unknown
9-17 Edna Krabappel, Arnie Ziff, Carl Carlson, Lenny Leonard, Barney Gumble, Moe Szyslak, Lou, Eddie, Sideshow Bob Dead Celebrities Shot with shotguns
18 Chief Clancy Wiggum Dead Edward G. Robinson Shot, blood loss
19 Homer Simpson Dead Krusty the Clown Head blown off with shotgun
20 Principal Seymour Skinner The Grand Pumpkin Head cut open, brains scraped out
21 The Grand Pumpkin Tom Turkey Head blown open with cornucopia, head split apart
22-46 2 Unknown Children, Homer Simpson, Groundskeeper Willie, Nelson Muntz, Kang, Kodos, Jeff Boomhauer, Dale Gribble, Richard, Nina Skalka, Francine Rhenquist, Lewis Clark, Ralph Wiggum, Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Dolph Starbeam, Shauna Chalmers, Jessica Lovejoy, Sherri and Terri, Nikki McKenna, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten Tom Turkey Eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Simpson The Bride of Frankenstein, Mrs. Wolfman, Mrs. Dracula, Mrs. Mummy Head ripped off
2 Elizabeth Hoover Bart Simpson Decapitated
3 Principal Seymour Skinner Bart Simpson Stabbed in head, decapitated
4 Alfred Hitchcock Bart Simpson Pushed off Mount Rushmore
5 Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Knife thrown onto head
6 Kent Brockman Turned into zombie
7 Krusty the Clown Zombie Kent Brockman Elbow bitten off, turned into zombie
8 Squeaky-Voiced Teen Zombie Kent Brockman Mauled, turned into zombie
9 Cameraman Zombie Krusty Mauled, turned into zombie
10-32 Sideshow Bob, Gina Vendetti, Snake Jailbird, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Barney Gumble, Nelson Muntz, Dolph Starbeam, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Ralph Wiggum, Arnie Pye, Agnes Skinner, Superintendent Gary Chalmers, Sara, Francine Rhenquist, Luann Van Houten, Cookie Kwan, Lugash, Rod Flanders, Todd Flanders, Hubert Wong, Mr. Teeny, Martin Prince Turned into zombies
33 Principal Seymour Skinner Zombie Lou Arm bitten
34 Unnamed Man Zombies Eaten
35 Jessica Lovejoy Zombies Eaten
36 Moe Syzslak Zombie Lenny Leonard, Zombie Carl Carlson, Zombie Barney Gumble Carried away, eaten
37 Abraham Simpson Zombies Eaten, turned into zombie
38 Zombie Doctor Dr. Julius Hibbert Impaled with drip
39 Zombie Nurse Dr. Julius Hibbert Syringe thrown into head
40-41 2 Zombie Doctors Dr. Julius Hibbert Bludgeoned with arm
42 Bandaged Head Zombie Dr. Julius Hibbert Bludgeoned with defibrillator
43 Dr. Julius Hibbert Zombie Ralph Wiggum, Zombies Bitten, turned into zombie
44-48 5 Zombies Rainer Wolfcastle Heads blown off with shotguns
49 Rainer Wolfcastle Zombies Eaten
50 Zombie Hans Moleman Homer Simpson Brain squeezed out by tire
51 Zombie Helen Lovejoy Marge Simpson Shot with shotgun
52 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Zombies Eaten
53-54 Charles Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smithers Jr. Themselves Car crash, turned into zombies
55 Zombie Charles Montgomery Burns Homer Simpson Nose ripped off, beaten
56 Homer Simpson Zombie Charles Montgomery Burns Wrist bitten, turned into zombie
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-2 Professor Frink, Xenomorph Baby Professor Frink Age sped up with remote, disintegrated
3 Chief Clancy Wiggum Crushed by chess piece, blood loss
4 Hans Moleman Unknown Murdered
5 Milhouse Van Houten Drowned
6-7 Rod Flanders, Todd Flanders Bart Simpson Crushed by cubes
8-19 12 Cards Bart Simpson Impaled, blown up with cannon
20-21 Bart Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten Hung on nooses
22 Seagull Ate poisoned pie
23 Shark Homer Simpson Choked on barrel
24-56 Squid, 25 Fish, 8 Seagulls Homer Simpson Poisoned by oil
57 Roger Homer Simpson Shot with harpoon gun
58 Albatross Crewman Homer Simpson Beaten with flare gun
59 Albatross Crewman Homer Simpson Hole blown in chest with flare gun
60-61 2 Albatross Crewmen Homer Simpson Impaled with anchor
62 Pelican Homer Simpson Impaled with swordfish
63 Marge Simpson Herself Ate poisoned pie
64 Ned Flanders Edmund, Dracula, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson Cooked, eaten
65 Big Bird Count Von Count Blood drained
66 Homer Simpson Edmund, Dracula Blood drained, turned into vampire
67-68 Edmund, Dracula Homer Simpson Cardiac arrest
69 Vampire Homer Simpson Poodle Milhouse Fell to death, carried away, eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Mayor Quimby Ned Flanders Dismembered
2 Charles Montgomery Burns Ned Flanders Decapitated, head turned into mutant, dismembered
3 Snake Jailbird Ned Flanders Rock thrown at head
4 Sideshow Bob Ned Flanders Murdered
5-6 Patty and Selma Bouvier Ned Flanders Crushed by boulder
7 Homer Simpson God Windpipe crushed
8-13 6 Rillian Aliens Soldiers Explosions
14-15 2 Rigellian Aliens Soldier Shot with minigun
16-19 4 Soldiers Rigellian Aliens Crushed with boulders, explosions
20-21 2 Soldiers Rigellian Aliens, Piranhas Eaten
22-31 10 Soldiers Rigellian Aliens, Alien Scorpions Explosions
32-33 2 Alien Squirrels 2 Alien Monkeys Heads bitten off
34-36 3 Soldiers 2 Alien Monkeys Explosion
37-41 5 Soldiers Rigellian Aliens Explosion
42 Superintendent Gary Chalmers Bart Simpson Fell off cliff
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Moe Syzslak Aztec Man Decapitated with sword
2 Homer Simpson Mayan God Crushed underfoot
3 Letter T Sucked into blackhole
4 Sideshow Mel Skeleton sucked into blackhole
5 Chief Clancy Wiggum The Devil Turned into skeleton
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Three-Eyed Giant Crow Struck by lightning
2 Zombie Soldier Shot in head
3 Zombie Soldier, Zombie Brain blown out, brain eaten
4-8 Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Comic Book Guy, Agnes Skinner, Brandine Spuckler Zombies Bitten, eaten, turned into zombies
9 Ralph Wiggum Zombie Jimbo Jones, Zombie Kearny Zzyzwicz Decapitated by falling statue head
10 Lard Lad Cyclops Chief Wiggum Eaten
11 Edna Krabappel Alfred Hitchcock, Flock of Birds Mauled
12 Lenny Leonard Carl Carlson Decapitated with sword
13-17 Tracy Ullman Show Simpsons Unknown Unknown
18 Godzilla Unknown Unknown
19 Fairy Smithers Pale Man Burns Eaten
20 Milhouse Van Houten Maggie Simpson, Blinky Ran over, knocked off bridge, eaten
21 Homer Simpson Maggie Simpson Ran over
22-24 3 Fairies Disintegrated by TV
25-34 10 Little Fat In The Hats The Fat In The Hat Ran over with unicycle, burned
35 Waylon Smithers Jr. The Fat In The Hat Burned
36 Charles Montgomery Burns The Fat In The Hat Burned, turned into roast vulture, neck snapped
37 Moe Syzslak The Fat In The Hat Skinned
38-39 Patty and Selma Bouvier The Fat In The Hat Butchered
40-1,000,039 Pile of People The Fat In The Hat Butchered
1,000,040 Krusty Cow Sideshow Bob Decapitated with sword
1,000,041 The Fat In The Hat Maggie Simpson Impaled with umbrella
1,000,042 Bart Simpson Helicopter pilot Decapitated by kite string, blood loss
1,000,043 Lisa Simpson Decapitated by buzzsaw
1,000,044-1,000,046 Jimbo Jones, Dolph Starbeam, Kearny Zzyzwicz Lion Eaten
1,000,047 Mr. Burnstrum Freaks Hung on noose
1,000,048-1,000,050 Homer Simpson, Babe Ruth, Joseph Stalin Unknown Unknown
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Homer Simpson Himself Self-cannibalized
2 Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Decapitated, skull crushed in vise
3-16 Jennifer Lawrence, Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Prince, Taylor Swift, Sean Penn, Bruce Springsteen, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, James Franco, Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio Kang, Kodos Mangled
17 John Travolta Kang, Kodos Mangled, head disintegrated
18-19 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson Dragged into Hell
20 Hans Moleman Beezle-Bart Tortured in stretch rack, chopped in half with axe
21 Jimbo Jones Beezle-Bart Decapitated
22 Demon Nerd 2 Demon Bullies Trapped in iron maiden locker
23 Sideshow Mel Homer Simpson Beaten with bone
24 Marge Simpson Herself Washed oven
25 Homer Simpson Tracy Ullman Show Homer Beaten with toaster
26 Lisa Simpson Bart Simpson Jumped out window
27 Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Choked on acorn
28 Maggie Simpson Groundskeeper Willie Unknown
29 Gerald Samson Maggie Simpson Bludgeoned with mallet
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-4 Nelson Muntz, Milhouse Van Houten, Ralph Wiggum, Jessica Lovejoy Unknown Hung
5 Homer Simpson Zombie Frank Grimes Soul removed, eaten
6 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Impaled with harpoon, heart pulled out, blood loss, disemboweled, trephinated with corkscrew
7 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Brain crushed with hammer
8 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Beaten with hammer, disemboweled
9 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Head blown off
10 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob, Lion Eaten
11 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Flattened with steamroller, folded into paper airplane, shredded by fan, cremated in furnace
12 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Heart attack
13 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Turned into smoothie
14 Bart Simpson Sideshow Bob Dismembered
15 Sideshow Bob Homer Simpson Decapitated with broken lamp
16 Abraham Simpson Himself Choked on sprinkles
17 Marge's Father's Ghost Himself Stabbed
18 Moe Syzslak Homerzilla Burned, reduced to skeleton, disintegrated
19 Professor Frink Homerzilla Crushed underfoot
20 Superintenant Gary Chalmers Homerzilla Thrown into burning building
21-24 4 Owls Bart Simpson Hunted
25 Fred Flintstone Unknown Unknown
26 Kearny Zzyzwicz Milhouse Van Houten Thrown into volcano
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-3 Sideshow Bob, Rigellian Alien, Leprechaun Maggie Simpson Decapitated
4 Couch Homer Simpson Bludgeoned with rock
5 Homeless Man Starvation
6 Tortoise Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Crushed into juice
7-56 50 Tortoises Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Crushed into juice
57 Ralph Wiggum Explosion
58-59 Peta, Pita Homish Crushed
60 Gerald Samson Himself Shot by shotgun recoil
61 Wendell Borton Nelson Muntz Impaled on sword
62 Ned Flanders Barney Gumble Decapitated
63 Nelson Muntz Milhouse Van Houten Impaled with arrow
64 Charles Montgomery Burns Springfieldians Burned
65-50,785 Springfield Drowned, hypothermia
50,786 Janey Powell Rachel Shredded by lawnmower
50,787-50,788 Sherri and Terri Rachel Crushed by tombstone
50,789 Ms. Mancuso-Gluckman Rachel Neck crushed by painting
50,790 Milhouse Van Houten Rachel Asphyxiated with plastic bag
50,791 Chief Clancy Wiggum Snake Jailbird Stabbed in neck
50,792-50,793 Deer, Buddha Lisa Simpson Ran over
50,794 Snowball V Rachel Impaled with knife, fell into trash can
50,795 Sergeant Sausage Rachel, Homer Simpson Shoved into microwave, exploded, eaten
50,796 Rachel Lisa Simpson Turned into her mom married to a dentist, ceased to exist
50,797-50,799 Jimbo Jones, Dolph Starbeam, Kearny Zzyzwicz Moe Syzslak Beaten, blood loss
50,800 Robot Carl Carlson Arm cut off, stabbed
50,801 Carl Carlson Robot Electrocuted
50,802 Disco Stu Bart Simpson Eye gouged with pool stick
50,803-50,804 Agnes Skinner, Unnamed Woman Barney Gumble Killed by burp
50,805 Unnamed Man Bart Simpson Impaled through skull with pool stick
50,806 Sideshow Mel Bart Simpson Head twisted off
50,807-50,808 Kent Brockman, Patty Bouvier, Luann Van Houten Barney Gumble Kicked, strangled, heads bashed together
50,809 Unnamed Man Bart Simpson Brain impaled with bottle
50,810 Blue-Haired Lawyer Groundskeeper Willie Neck snapped
50,811 Dewey Largo Moe Syzslak Skull crushed underfoot
50,812 Rainer Wolfcastle Bart Simpson Decapitated with lace
50,813 Unnamed Nerd Moe Syzslak Strangled
50,814 Cookie Kwan Gil Gunderson Kicked in face
50,815 Unnamed Man Gil Gunderson Punched in face
50,816 Helen Lovejoy Bart Simpson Skin melted with soup
50,817-50,818 2 Unnamed People Groundskeeper Willie Unknown
50,819 Groundskeeper Willie Unnamed Man Stabbed in back
50,820 Jasper Beardly Bart Simpson Stabbed in eye
50,821 Barney Gumble Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Stabbed
50,822 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Barney Gumble Shot in neck
50,823-50,830 7 Springfieldians Springfieldians Various
50,831 Moe Syzslak Unnamed Woman Impaled with katana, blood loss
50,832 Unnamed Woman Moe Syzslak Punched in face
50,833-50,849 17 Springfieldians Springfieldians Various
50,850 Nelson Muntz Bart Simpson Disemboweled with candy apple
50,855-51,153 300 Springfieldians, 3 Cats Springfieldians Various
51,154 Homer Simpson Bart Simpson Stabbed in back
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Nelson Muntz Unnamed Kid Eaten
2 Kirk Van Houten Unnamed Kid Eaten
3 Abraham Simpson Shauna Chalmers Opened, insides eaten
4 Chocolate Rabbit Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Eaten
5 Cowboy Doll Himself Cranium blown open
6 Helen Lovejoy Maggie Simpson Impaled through skull with fire poker
7 Dr. Julius Hibber Maggie Simpson Throat impaled with thermometer
8 Ned Flanders Maggie Simpson Choked on toy police car
9 Pazuzu Bart Simpson Suffocated
10 Other Bart Simpson Homer Simpson Strangled, decapitated
11 Homer Simpson Himself, Chef Dismembered, cooked
12-14 Barney Gumble, Comic Book Guy, Horse Chef Cooked
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Cthulu Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson Boiled, eaten
2-3 Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
4 Comic Book Guy Body Snatchers Body snatched
5 Homer Simpson Body Snatchers Body snatched
6 Marge Simpson Body Snatchers Body snatched
7 Plant Zombie Marge Maggie Simpson Bludgeoned with shovel
8 Chief Clancy Wiggum Body Snatchers Body snatched
9 Plant Zombie Chief Wiggum Lou Shot
10-14 Barney Gumble, Dewey Largo, Reverend Lovejoy, Mayor Quimby, Dolph Starbeam Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
15-19 5 Plant Zombies Lou Ran over
20-23 Otto Mann, Gil Gunderson, Martin Prince, Waylon Smithers Jr. Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
24 Snake Jailbird Body Snatchers Body snatched
25-30 7 Springfieldians Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
31 Superintendant Gary Chalmers Groundskeeper Willie Decapitated with hedge trimmers
32-35 Captain Horation McCallister, Lunchlady Doris, Fat Tony, Ned Flanders Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
36 Lou Body Snatcher Strangled
37-38 Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson Body Snatcher Bodies snatched
39 Green Dwarf Green Giant Eaten
40-93 50 Springfieldians, Maggie Simpson, Pig, Kang, Kodos Body Snatchers Bodies snatched
94 Nelson Muntz Lisa Simpson Impaled on forklift with magnets
95-96 2 People Dinosaur Heads bitten off
97 Waylon Smithers Jr. Dinosaur's DNA Head Windpipe bitten, blood loss
98 Principal Seymour Skinner Agnes Skinner Arms eaten
99 Hans Moleman Dinosaur Crushed underfoot
100 Kirk Van Houten Jasper Beardly Decapitated
101 Professor Frink Scientists Beaten
102 Staff Member Dinosaur Bludgeoned with tail
103 Charles Montgomery Burns Old Jewish Man Eaten
104 Plane Pilot Dinosaurs Eaten
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Dr. Julius Hibbert Maggie Simpson Strangled with stethoscope, disintegrated in baby incubator
2-4 Kearney Zzyzwicz, Shauna Chalmers, Dolph Starbeam Maggie Simpson Hung
5-7 Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson Maggie Simpson Impaled by rocks
8 Uter Zorker Demogorgons Unknown
9 Comic Book Guy The Mind Flayer Eaten, dissolved
10 The Mind Flayer Melted
11-13 3 Demogorgons Homer Simpson Incinerated with flamethrower
14-16 3 Demogorgons Homer Simpson Incinerated with flamethrower
17 Carl Carlson Demogorgon Eaten
18 Lenny Leonard Demogorgon Eaten
19 Demogorgon Homer Simpson Incinerated with flamethrower
20 Gil Gunderson Innards torn apart by branches
21 Ned Flanders Turned into Demogorgon
22 Demogorgon Ned Flanders Homer Simpson Incinerated with flamethrower
23 Homer Simpson Choked on hot dog
24 St. Greeder God Fell into Hell
25 Football Player Homer Simpson Body taken over
26 Superintendant Gary Chalmers Homer Simpson Body taken over
27 Mr. Teeny Homer Simpson Body taken over
28 Moe Syzslak Homer Simpson Body taken over
29 Maggie Simpson Moe Syzslak Body taken over
30-36 7 Mini People Selma Bouvier Burned
37 Gill-Man Kang Cooked over fire
38 Waylon Smithers Jr. Kang Head bitten off
39 Driver Soldier Shot in head
40-67 28 Soldiers Kang Disintegrated
68 Charles Montgomery Burns Kang Bludgeoned with can
Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Hans Moleman Robot Kicked
2 Radioactive Man Bart Simpson Melted in microwave
3 Bart Simpson Dr. Malibu Stacey Stabbed in neck, hollowed out, turned into tinker toy
4 Gil Gunderson Homers Cannibalized
5 Ned Flanders Noir Homer Head blown off
6 Homer Simpson Charles Montgomery Burns Electrocuted with tazer
7 Homer Barbera Hunter Burns Hole blown in chest with shotgun
8 8-Bit Homer Bowser Burns Incinerated
9 Noir Homer Agent Burns Stabbed, heart ripped out
10 Anime Homer Anime Burns Headbutted, skull crushed, eyes popped out
11 Princess Homer Maleficent Burns Poisoned
12 Lisa Simpson Gil Gunderson Ran over
13 Milhouse Van Houten Gil Gunderson Ran over
14-15 Lisa Simpson, Nelson Muntz Crushed by treehouse
16 Lisa Simpson Crushed by ceiling
17 Lisa Simpson Skull crushed by mirror
18 Ralph Wiggum Gil Gunderson Ran over
19 Nelson Muntz Himself Fell into woodchipper
20 Lisa Simpson Herself Jumped into woodchipper
21-22 Nelson Muntz, Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson Burned
23 Nelson Muntz Unknown Brain impaled by knife
24 Lisa Simpson Nelson Muntz Brain impaled by knife
25-26 Lisa Simpson, Nelson Muntz Crushed by air conditioner
27 Gil Gunderson Nelson Muntz Bludgeoned with cinderblock, car crash
28-29 Lisa Simpson, Nelson Muntz Nelson Muntz Ceased to exist

Kill Counts[]

  • Treehouse of Horror XVI - 7,800,000,035
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIV - 1,000,050
  • Treehouse of Horror XXVII - 51,154
  • Treehouse of Horror XVII - 50,770
  • Treehouse of Horror VIII - 50,734
  • Treehouse of Horror XIII - 118
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIX - 104
  • Treehouse of Horror XI - 81
  • Treehouse of Horror XXI - 69
  • Treehouse of Horror XXX - 68
  • Treehouse of Horror XX - 56
  • Treehouse of Horror IX - 51
  • Treehouse of Horror XIV - 48
  • Treehouse of Horror XIX - 46
  • Treehouse of Horror XVIII - 43
  • Treehouse of Horror XXII - 42
  • Treehouse of Horror IV - 33
  • Treehouse of Horror V - 32
  • Treehouse of Horror XXV - 29
  • Treehouse of Horror XXXI - 29
  • Treehouse of Horror VI - 27
  • Treehouse of Horror III - 26
  • Treehouse of Horror XXVI - 26
  • Treehouse of Horror XII - 20
  • Treehouse of Horror X - 17
  • Treehouse of Horror XV - 17
  • Treehouse of Horror XXVIII - 14
  • Treehouse of Horror VII - 7
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIII - 5
  • Treehouse of Horror I - 2
  • Treehouse of Horror II - 2