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|Benjamin Lockwood
|Benjamin Lockwood
|Ellis Mills
|Eli Mills
|Suffocated in a pillow
|Suffocated in a pillow

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These are the confirmed deaths on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1-2 Submarine pilots Mosy the Mosasaurus Swallowed Whole
3 Jack Mosy the Mosasaurus Ripped off of rope ladder, killed by inner teeth of its mouth
4 Soldier Blue the Velociraptor Mauled by Blue
5 Carnotaurus Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex Mauled by Rexy
6 Allosaurus N/A Killed by volcano
7 Brachiosaurus N/A Burned by volcano
8-11 Sinoceratops N/A Killed by volcano
12 Gallimimus N/A Killed by volcano
13 Sinoceratops N/A Drowned
14 Ankylosaurus N/A Drowned
15 Baryonyx N/A Burnt by volcano
16 Benjamin Lockwood Eli Mills Suffocated in a pillow
17-22 Auction Guests and Soldier Stiggy the Stigymoloch Headbutted
23 Ken Wheatley Indoraptor Hand bitten off, mauled
24-27 Gunnar Eversoll & 3 Auction Guests Indoraptor Eaten off-screen
28-29 Soldiers Indoraptor Eaten
30-31 Soldiers Blue the Velociraptor Mauled
32 Soldier Dan Indoraptor Mauled and then eaten
33 Iris Indoraptor Mauled and then eaten off-screen (Deleted Scene).
34 Indoraptor Blue the Velociraptor Impaled by triceratops skull
35-36 Soldier and InGen Contractor A stampede of dinosaurs Mauled
37 Eli Mills Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Carnotaurus Torn apart, then eaten
38 Surfer Mosy the Mosasaurus Eaten while surfing