Killcounts Wiki

This is a WIP, so bare with me

Episode 1[]

Name Killer Cause
1 Jerry Jones(Accidentally) Sent flying into space
2 Jones Vrellnexians Torn apart
3-7 5 True Believers Vrellnexians Unknown (Only Offscreen)
8 Virgil A Vrellnexian Clawed through the head
9 A Vrellnexian Daisy Johnson Blown apart
10-11 2 True Believers Deke Shaw Unknown (Only Offscreen)
12-14 3 True Believers Vrellnexians Unknown (Only Offscreen)
15 A Kree Alphonso Mackenzie Stabbed
16 A Kree Daisy Johnson Impaled through the head

Episode 2[]

Name Killer Cause
17 A Lighthouse Citizen Sinara Stabbed in the head
18-23 5 Lighthouse Citizens Unknown Unknown (Only Offscreen)
24 A Lighthouse Citizen Another Lighthouse Citizen Shot
25 A Lighthouse Citizen Holt Stabbed
26 Holt Tess Shot
27 Reese Sinara Stabbed

Episode 3[]

Name Killer Cause
28-30 3 Lighthouse Citizens The Kree Unknown (Only Mentioned)
31-43 13 Unnamed People Beast Unknown (Only Mentioned)
44 Beast Abby Hand morphed through gut
45 A Kree Daisy Johnson Blown away
46 Zev Vrellnexians Torn apart

Episode 4[]

Name Killer Cause
47 A Kree Melinda May Stabbed
48 A Kree Alphonso Mackenzie Stabbed
49 Deke Shaw's Mother Vrellnexians Likely torn apart (Only mentioned)

Episode 5[]

Name Killer Cause
50 Rusty Peltzer Himself (Accidentally) Helicopter crashed
51-52 Evans and Lucas General Hale Shot

Episode 6[]

Name Killer Cause
53-54 Flint's Parents The Kree Unknown (Only mentioned)
55-58 Flint and 3 Coming Inhumans(Human Forms) A Kree Exposed to the mist, triggering terrigenisis
59 Ben Sinara Stabbed
60 Grill Flint Crushed by rocks

Episode 7[]

Name Killer Cause
61 A Kree Daisy Johnson Strangled
62 A Vrellnexian Enoch Stabbed
63-67 2 Vrellnexians Enoch Stabbed
68 A Lighthouse Citizen Maston-Dar Throat sliced
69 Vicar Flint Stabbed in the jaw with a rock
70 Maston-Dar Sinara Stabbed
71 Faulnak Kasius Stabbed

Episode 8[]

Name Killer Cause
72-74 3 Lighthouse Citizens Vrellnexians Likely torn apart (Only offscreen)
75 A Vrellnexian Alphonso Mackenzie and Elena Rodriguez Shot to pieces
76-80 5 Vrellnexians Elena Rodriguez Connected to life generators that were later disabled
81 Robin Hinton(Original Timeline) Samuel Voss Stabbed

Episode 9[]

Name Killer Cause
82-89 8 Kree Alphonso Mackenzie, Elena Rodriguez and Flint Shot
90 Owen Shaw Samuel Voss Stabbed in the neck
91 Sinara Daisy Johnson Stabbed

Episode 10[]

Name Killer Cause
92 Kree Doctor Kasius Shot
93 A Kree Melinda May Shot
94 Tye Daisy Johnson Stabbed
95 A Kree Enoch Shot
96-99 Kree Watch Commander, 3 Kree Leo Fitz Decapitated
100-104 Hek-Sel, 4 Kree Flint Crushed by rocks
105 A Kree Deke Shaw Shot
106 Elena Rodriguez (Alternate Timeline) Kasius Throat slit
107-108 2 Kree Alphonso Mackenzie Shot with Shotgun Axe
109 Kasius Alphonso Mackenzie Stabbed with Shotgun Axe
110 Enoch (Alternate Timeline) Deke Shaw Battery pack combusted

Episode 11[]

Name Killer Cause
111 An Andriod Soldier Alphonso Mackenzie Face blown in
112-114 3 Android Soldiers Alphonso Mackenzie, Phil Coulson and Piper Shot
115 An Android Soldier Phil Coulson Shot
116 Noah General Hale Blown up

Episode 12[]

Name Killer Cause
117 A Drone N/A Deactivated from entering the fear dimension
118 Kree Warrior (1st Illusion) Deke Shaw Shot
119 Jemma Simmons LMD (Illusion) Jemma Simmons Shot
120 Mike Peterson (Illusion) Mike Peterson Blasted with arm canon
121 Lash (Illusion) Mike Peterson Blasted with arm canon
122-124 3 Vrellnexians (Illusion) Mike Peterson Blasted with arm canon
125 Hive (Illusion) Mike Peterson Blasted with arm canon

Episode 13[]

Name Killer Cause
126 Deke Shaw's Mother (Illusion) Kree Warrior (2nd Illusion) Stabbed
127 Kree Warrior (2nd Illusion) Deke Shaw Stabbed
128-133 6 Principia Crew Members N/A Hypoxia
134 An Android Soldier Daisy Johnson Throat cut open
135 An Android Soldier Alphonso Mackenzie Head bashed in

Episode 14[]

Name Killer Cause
136 A Shield Agent Hive Astronaut (Illusion) Spine broken
137 Hive Astronaut (Illusion) Jemma Simmons Shot
138 Hale's Driver Carl Creel Turned into a hard solid
139 An Android Soldier Alphonso Mackenzie Unknown (Only Offscreen)

Episode 15[]

Name Killer Cause
140 Fischer Himself Takes a cyanide pill
141 Steger General Hale Shot

Episode 16[]

Name Killer Cause
142 An Android Soldier Carl Creel Punched with metal hand to the face
143 An Android Soldier Carl Creel Torn apart
144 An Android Soldier Glenn Talbot Shot

Episode 17[]

Name Killer Cause
145-146 2 Scientists Werner Von Strucker Shot
147 An Android Soldier Leo Fitz Shot
148-151 4 Android Soldiers Elena Rodriguez Sent offline
152 Anton Ivanov Elena Rodriguez Tackled out of a tall building window, causing his head to be busted open on a concrete sidewalk

Episode 18[]

Name Killer Cause
153-154 2 Of Hale's Men Daisy Johnson Blown away
155 1 Of Hale's Men Elena Rodriguez Gunned down
156 Werner Von Strucker Ruby Hale (Accidentally) Head crushed with gravitonium powers
157 Ruby Hale Elena Rodriguez Throat slit

Episode 19[]

Name Killer Cause
158 Thomas A Remorath Stabbed
159 A Shield Agent A Remorath Throat slit
160 Wahl A Remorath Likely stabbed (Only offscreen)
161-164 4 Remoraths Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz Shot
165 A Remorath Glenn Talbot Crushed with gravitonium powers
166-170 5 Remoraths Glenn Talbot Crushed with gravitonium powers

Episode 20[]

Name Killer Cause
171 A Remorath Glenn Talbot Crushed with gravitonium powers
172 Qajax Himself (Unknowing) Drank the odium, which poisoned him
173 General Hale Glenn Talbot Crushed with gravitonium powers

Episode 21[]

Name Killer Cause
174 Kim Glenn Talbot Crushed with gravitonium powers
175-176 2 Remoraths Melinda May Stabbed
177 A Remorath Daisy Johnson Ribs broken with shockwave blast
178-184 Qovas, Qolpack and 7 Remoraths Qovas Himself (Unknowingky), Deke Shaw (Indirectly), Melinda May (Indirectly) Missiles launched into ship

Episode 22[]

Name Killer Cause
185 A Remorath Melinda May Neck snapped
186 A Remorath Leo Fitz Stabbed
187 Glenn Talbot Daisy Johnson Launched into space
188-191 Franklyn Hall, Ian Quinn, Crixon, Carl Creel Daisy Johnson Died when the gravitonium froze over
192 Leo Fitz (Alternate Timeline) Glenn Talbot Crushed beneath rubble
193 Philip J Coulson Robbie Reyes(Controlled by Ghost Rider) (Unintended) Died from the after effect of having the spirit of vengeance transferred into him