Episode 1 Edit

Name Killer Cause
1 Hospital Worker Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
2 Person In Hospital Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest

Episode 2 Edit

Name Killer Cause
3 Person On Cruse Ward Thrown overboard
4 Person On Cruse Ward Shot

Episode 3 Edit

Name Killer Cause
5 John Donnelly Lincoln Campbell(Unintended) Heart attack from lightning
6 A Boxer Other Boxers Beaten to death
7 Spud Lance Hunter Repeatedly hit with brass knuckles

Episode 4 Edit

Name Killer Cause
8 Laurie Henson Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
9 One Of Alisha's Clones Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
10 Shane Henson Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
11 Dwight Frye Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
12 1 Of Ward's Men Lance Hunter Shot
13-17 5 Of Ward's Men Melinda May Shot
18 1 Of Ward's Men Melinda May Shot

Episode 5 Edit

Name Killer Cause
19 Tentacled Creature Jemma Simmons Dismembered, stabbed
20 Austin Alveus/Hive Mind controlled to jump off cliff
21 Brubaker Alveus/Hive Mind controlled to set himself on fire
22 Taylor Will Daniels(Forced to kill him) Killed with his own axe
23 Will Daniels Alveus/Hive Killed offscreen

Episode 6 Edit

Name Killer Cause
24 Coulson's Agent Hydra Arsonist Shot
25 Rosalind's Husband N/A Died of cancer
26 Kebo Barbra Morse Electrocuted in swimming pool
27-28 Hydra Assasin and Hydra Arsonist Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest

Episode 7 Edit

Name Killer Cause
30 An Inhuman Lash/Andrew Garner Slashed in the chest
31 An ATCU Trooper Lash/Andrew Garner Thrown into wall

Episode 8 Edit

Name Killer Cause
32-36 5 Of Malick's Men Ward Shot/Stabbed
37 1 Of Malick's Men Ward Shot
38 2 Of Malick's Men Ward Killed offscreen with knife
39-64 26 People On Plain Ward Frozen to death
65-66 2 ATCU Troopers Gideon Malick Turned to stone by infected pills
67-68 2 Hydra Agents Barbra Morse Metal batons thrown into heads

Episode 9 Edit

Name Killer Cause
69 Rosalind Price Ward Shot with sniper rifle
70 1 Of Ward's Men Another Of Ward's Men(Accidentally) Shot
71-72 2 Of Ward's Men Phil Coulson Shot
73-75 3 ATCU Troopers Giyera Shot
76 Luther Banks Giyera Shot
77-78 Ward's Parents Ward Unknown(Only mentioned)

Episode 10 Edit

Name Killer Cause
79 Unknown Person Unknown, If Any Unknown(Skull shown)
80-83 4 Hydra Agents Lash/Andrew Garner Killed offscreen
84-85 2 Hydra Agents Alveus/Hive(In Will's Body) Head slammed against rock/Stabbed
86 Hydra Agent Melinda May Stabbed
87-117 Flores, Nguyen, Ramirez, Richardson, Robinson, Gray and 27 Unnamed Inhumans Lash/Andrew Garner Killed offscreen
118 Grant Douglass Ward Phil Coulson Heart crushed with robotic hand
119-164 46 Hydra Agents Melinda May Blown up in base

Episode 11 Edit

Name Killer Cause
165-166 2 Cops WARD SHOT
167 Francisco Rodriguez WARD Shot
168 A Cop WARD Blown away
169 A Cop WARD Blown away

Episode 12 Edit

Name Killer Cause
170 Carl Creel(Human Form) Werner Von Strucker(For scientific purposes) Exposed to the mist
171-175 5 Innocents Alveus/Hive(In Ward's Body) Flesh and body fluids consumed
176-177 2 Of Malick's Men Carl Creel Thrown
178 1 Of Malick's Men Carl Creel Neck snapped

Episode 13 Edit

Name Killer Cause
179 A Soldier Lance Hunter Shot
180 Yuri Krupin Androvich Strangled with shadow abilities
181 Anton Petrov Lance Hunter Shot
182 Androvich Barbra Morse Shot
183 A Bird Gideon Malick Shot
184 A Bird Stephanie Malick Shot

Episode 14 Edit

Name Killer Cause
185 A Watchdog Daisy Johnson Blown away
186 A Watchdog Daisy Johnson Blown away
187 A Watchdog Mack Shot
188 A Watchdog Ruben Mackenzie Slashed with butcher knife
189 A Watchdog Mack Killed with Shotgun-Axe

Episode 15 Edit

Name Killer Cause
190 Gunned down
191 Car Crash
192-193 Flesh Melted Off
194 Head crushed with arm weapon
195-197 Shot
198 Blown away
199 Throat crushed with arm weapon, thrown

Episode 16 Edit

Name Killer Cause
200 Malick's Father Unknown, If Any Unknown(Only mentioned)
201 Malick's Wife Unknown, If Any Unknown(Only mentioned)
202-205 4 Moths Alveus/Hive(In Ward's Body) Burned
206 Stephanie Malick Alveus/Hive(In Ward's Body) Torn apart from the inside

Episode 17 Edit

Name Killer Cause
207-208 2 Hydra Agents Phil Coulson Shot
209-211 3 Hydra Agents Daisy Johnson Blown away
212-214 2 Hydra Agents Lincoln Campbell Electrically slammed into wall
215 A Hydra Agent Lincoln Campbell Thrown through window
216 A Hydra Agent Daisy Johnson Blown away
217 Lucio Joey Gutierrez Stabbed with pipe
218 Nathaniel Malick Alveus/Hive Unknown(Only mentioned)
219 Gideon Malick Daisy Johnson(Mind controlled by Hive) Head crushed with shockwave

Episode 18 Edit

Name Killer Cause
220 JP James(Human Form) Daisy Johnson(Mind controlled by Hive) Turned to stone after exposure to the mist
221 One Of Alisha's Clones Another Of Alisha's Clones Shot
222 One Of Alisha's Clones Phil Coulson Shot
223 1 Of Radcliffe's Men Alveus/Hive(In Ward's Body) Seemingly torn apart from the inside(Partially offscreen)

Episode 19 Edit

Name Killer Cause
224 A Bear Alveus/Hive(Human Form) Speared
225 Alveus/Hive(Human Form) Kree Reapers Injected with the mist
226-228 Kirk Vogel and 2 Heads Of Hydra Holden Radcliffe(Unaware of the potential effects of his experiment) Heads melted in experiment
229 One Of Alisha's Clones A Kree Reaper Head crushed
230 Alisha Whitley A Kree Reaper Slashed
231 A Kree Reaper Mack Turned to ash with splinter bomb
232 A Kree Reaper Alveus/Hive Face melted off

Episode 20 Edit

Name Killer Cause
233 A Watchdog JT James Whipped with heated chain
234-238 Pete Boggs, Jackson and 3 Primitive Watchdogs Lash/Andrew Garner Neumerous
239 Lash/Andrew Garner(Inhuman Form) JT James Stabbed with heated chain

Episode 21 Edit

Name Killer Cause
240 A Primitive Holden Radcliffe Shot

Episode 22 Edit

Name Killer Cause
241 A Primative Melinda May Thrown over ledge
242 Giyera Leo Fitz Shot
243 A Primative Mack Shot
244 A Primative Melinda May and Jemma Simmons Thrown, hit with club
245 A Primative Mack Shot
246-247 Lincoln Campbell(Inhuman Form) and Alveus/Hive(Inhuman Form) Himself (sacrifice) Blown up by a bomb in a quinjet
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