Here Are The Deaths In Cube Zero

Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death
1 Ryjkin Cube Melted
2 Bartok Cube Cut Up By Razor Wires
3 Owen Cube Burned alive by flamethrowers
4 a Body Cube Unknown
5 Jellico Cube and Meyerhold Foot impaled by syringe/injected with flesh-eating bacteria, neck snapped against wall
6-11 Bodies Cube Found In The Sound Room
12 Meyerhold Cube Arm scratched/infected with flesh-eating bacteria, body implosion by sound waves
13 Dodd Jax Stomach cut open with amputation knife
14 Chickliss Cube Body Found
15 Robert P. Haskell Cassandra Rains and Cube Back impaled by spike wall, body vaporized
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